Current Students



(source Prof.  Hochbaum)


  • Noam Ginio, Reconstruction of sea state by polarimetric reflection measurements and machine learning methodology.


  • Uria Luzon, Spatiotemporal data-driven models for precise irrigation. with Yafit Cohen (ARO)
  • Gal Perelman, Optimal Operation of Cascaded Water Supply Systems Under Uncertainties.
  • Alon Feldman, Computer Vision of Air Pollution (Applied Math).
  • Or Vernik, Mathematical estimation of particulate air pollution levels by multi-angle imaging (Applied Math).
  • Ziv Mano, Information theory approach to the optimal deployment of air quality sensors in the open environment.
  • Avitay Getelman, Machine learning approach for air pollution modeling.

Past Students



(source Prof. Hochbaum)



  • Yaela N. Golumbic, Public Participation in Air Quality Research in Haifa: Theory into Practice, with Ayelet Baram-Tsabari.
  • Noa Avni, Algorithms for development and management of regional water systems under multiple uncertainties, with Uri Shamir.
  • Gabriel Raviv, Modeling of Near Misses Related to Crane Work at Construction Sites and their Safety Risk Potential, with (primary advisor) Aviad Shapira.
  • Uri Lerner, Mathematical Data Analysis Methods for Air-Quality Wireless Distributed Environmental Sensor Networks, 1/2017.
  • Tehila Asheri, Data-Driven Algorithms for Early Water Contamination in Water Supply Systems.
  • Asaf Nebenzal, Mathematical methods for Generating Accurate Dense Spatio-Temporal Maps of Air Pollutants from Sparse Sensing (PhD in Applied Math).


  • Ella Levi, Online Oxidation of low concentrations of CP for enhancing biosensors for early detection in drinking water. 
  • Levi Frolich, Spectral Methods for Analysis of Bacteria Counts in Water Wells, with (secondary Advisor) Dalit Vizel-Ohayon (MEKOROT).
  • Daphna Yogev, Identification of water leakage using consumption patterns of domestic end-users.
  • Oren Rubinstein, Video-based Identification and analysis of High-way traffic flow models.
  • Shai Moshenberg, Imputation of missing air pollution data using spectral methods.
  • Tamar Yacobi, Development and Utilization of New Methods for Urban Air-Pollution Monitoring.
  • Dana Drahler, Air Quality Measurements Analysis Algorithms.